Brand-new Bonus Module: 

Find a story that writes itself

Does writing feel to you like working through a block of concrete?

Standard advice is: it's supposed to feel that way. 

But this is simply not true. 

When I started my new series, I battled procrastination for weeks. 

I blamed myself. Lazy. Unprofessional. It's a vicious cycle. I pushed and pushed, but the resistance wouldn't budge. 

Another week later, I'm excited to sit at the keyboard and cracking out thousands of words. 

What happened in-between? 

I discovered the story that I actually WANTED to write in this season of my life.

And it wrote itself. 

Okay, this part is not entirely true.

still have to put in the hours of work, and the best techniques to do that you'll find in the rest of the course. 

But there was a flow to it. There was an ease to it I hadn't experienced before. 

The secret lies in the outlining system I'll share with you in the exclusive new Bonus Module:

Outline your Way into Creative Freedom

  • Lesson #1: The Million Dollar Question 💵 (that determines everything)
  • Lesson #2: The Holy Grail – How to know yourself as a creative and discover the truth about the stories that fascinate you
  • Lesson #3: Build a Foundation🔨 – the most fatal mistake authors make is skipping that stage!
  • Lesson #4: Hit the Main Beats – 8 Main Storytelling beats that will help you figure out your story
  • Lesson #5: The Index-Card System 🗂 – a revolutionary way to outline (I stole from the screenwriters 
  • Lesson #6: The Character-Plot-Web  (everything you need to know about character and plot before you start writing)

The Bonus Module is only available for the next couple of days – and here's what the rest of the course has in store for you: 

This is the sad truth: 

97% of writers never finish their book. 

Those are not the people who just dream of writing a book “one day”—which is probably everybody. No, these people have actually started. 

But they never finish.  

Do you want to join the 3%?

It took me five years to finish my first book. 

Five gut-wrenching, excruciating years of struggle on the daily brink of giving up. 

I wish someone had told me the truth back then. One truth that, once I understood it, revolutionized my writing. 

And made me part of the 3%. 

Writing is not what you do, it's who you are. 

You've been lied to by Hollywood.

The films today make us believe that the writing process of a good book looks like this: 

The tortured writer sits down repeatedly, only to throw away his writing into a pile of trash. 

Until one day, he has a striking epiphany, and writes down a masterpiece in an ecstatic night.

But this is a lie with terrible consequences—97% of unfinished manuscripts.

I've studied the lives of famous writers like Hemingway, J. K. Rowling, John Grisham and Stephen King. 

I didn't find a single process that matched this lie. 

So I came up with a formula and put it to the test myself. 

The result: 

I've written six books in the last two years. 

And I'm not a person who can dedicate 7-8 hours daily to writing. 

Hell, I'm busy as one can be. 

In the last two years, I also gave birth to my first child, put on two stage musicals, worked as a freelance filmmaker and news editor, run a podcast and YouTube channel, and published and marketed all the books myself. 

The key, I discovered, was hidden in 15 minutes a day.

How 15 minutes change everything

You can't get fat by eating one donut.

As much as you can't lose weight by eating one salad. 

It's the accumulation of those behaviors that counts. The actions you chose to take every single day. 

It’s not the one night of writing that counts, but the actions you take every single day. This is why you have to become a writer first in order to finish your book.

It has to become a lifestyle.

And I know you don't have time. I'm there – every single day. 

But I also know you have 15 minutes to spare. And if you invest at least 15 minutes daily into your writing, you won't only finish this book, but many, many more. 

Is it really that simple? Yes. 

And no. 

The secret lies in the efficiency of those 15 minutes. 

You could spend them staring at a blank page or screen. Typing down some stuff that you'll delete the next day. 

Or you can dedicate them to deep, efficient writing.

The secret lies in the system. The formula.


The Busy Writer's Formula

In this revolutionary course, I'll show you

  • How to build a writing lifestyle that fits into your daily life
  • How to write at least 1 book per year with only 15 minutes daily
  • How to combat writers block forever and never again fear the blank page
  • How to build an indestructible writing habit and revise your book to make it unforgettable

Who is the Busy Writer's Formula for?

  • Writers who want to finish their book strong
  • Busy writers who don't have hours in their day to write, but need a system that fits their lifestyle
  • Authors who need a system to write their first draft and get through the editorial process

What's inside?

  • 3 comprehensive modules with 25 videos in total
  • Printable PDF Worksheets
  • A step-by-step guide to finish that book with a BANG 

Seven is the magic number

A survey on Written Word Media found that authors with up until 7 books can't make a living with their writing. 

And this makes sense.

John Grisham wrote 42. But did you know his simple secret to achieve that?

He writes at least one page per day.

He is a lifestyle writer. So are all writers that we know and love. 

Successful writers have a habit and a system. 

And in this course, I'll save you years of trial and error and teach you this formula.

Understand the Author Journey


In the first module, you'll learn how to master and live a writer's lifestyle.

Establish a Writing Habit


In module #2, you'll learn how to establish an indestructible and fun writing habit.

Edit your book to perfection


Get a step-by-step plan for revision and finish a book with bestselling potential.


15 minutes – really?

Can you really write something good in such a short amount of time? 

This is what readers say about my books:

"That's the kind of stories I look for."

"You realize you have been holding your breath for you do not know how long ..."

"Nothing like you think it is going to be, but way way better."

"Such a well written story that gets you from the start."

"This is a page turner that grabs you from the first page."

"It snared me right from the first and held me until the ending."

How did my books generate such results?

Reason #1: Because a writing habit sets your brain up for deep writing mode. 

Your subconscious can take over, which generates amazing creative results.

Let's do the math: 

15 minutes per day = 650 words x 30 = 19.500 words per month

A 100.000 word book is done in 5 months with only 15 minutes per day!

If you write for only 30 mins a day, you'll write a book in 3 months!

All of this I teach in the second module.  

Reason #2: To write a book with bestselling potential, it all comes down to the revision process. 

You may know everything about storytelling – but if your revision process is messy and confusing, it all will be buried in the mud.

It might take you years of practice to figure out the optimal way to edit your books. 

Or you take a shortcut: Apply the Strategic Editing System I teach in module three – where I put together advice from the best, structured it and tested it – and see five-star reviews flying in like a swarm of bees.


Become a Lifestyle Writer!

This is a revolutionary course for the busy writer. 

A course that will help you hack your brain for maximum creative output in the shortest amount of time—finish that first draft.

A course that will provide you with a strategic system for revision so that you'll come out with an amazing finished product. 

A course that will ensure you can repeat that process over and over, become a lifestyle writer and fit this into your busy daily life without burning out. 

Do you have 15 minutes to spare? 

This is what you get:

Module 1: Master the Author Journey

  • Introduction + 4 video lessons
  • Video #1: How to become a real writer
  • Video #2: The ONLY way to build a long-term career
  • Video #3: On fatal mistake every author makes
  • Video #4: How famous writers really make it
  • Bonus ebook: "8 things successful writers do every day."

Module 2: The 15-Minute Writer – Build An Invincible Writing Habit For Life

  • Introduction + 12 video lessons
  • Video #1: 4 magic steps to become an amazing content creator
  • Video #2: Hemingway's Writing Routine that has helped others write bestsellers
  • Video #3: Stephen King's #1 hack to finishing a book
  • Video #4: How mood will never influence your productivity again
  • Video #5: How career authors write extremely fast
  • Video #6: David Baldacci's most important hack to write for a lifetime
  • Video #7: Create an invincible writing habit plan
  • Video #8: Psychological Techniques to never run out of ideas and fear the blank page
  • Four BONUS Support videos for your habit journey
  • A printable writing habit sheet

Module 3: Strategic Editing – Find The Diamond In The Rough

  • Introduction + 6 video lessons that explain every editing stage step-by-step
  • Video #1: The best method to effectively jumpstart the editing process
  • Video #2: The 2 ways of Strategic Editing that are essential to most effectively polish your book and turn it into bestselling material
  • Video #3: The ultimate hack to see your work anew 
  • Video #4: Why you might not be serious about writing
  • Video #5: The sure way to destroy your novel forever
  • Video #6: How to know when revision is over and what the heck to do then
  • Downloadable PDF-Worksheets with a summary of the actions-steps to take in each editing stage
  • BONUS: Scene Editing Question Checklist

Let 15 minutes transform your life forever and make you a successful career author!

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