Are you tired of being stuck in the revision jungle?

Get from a skeleton to a masterpiece in 7 easy stages!


The truth is: Writing the first draft is the easy part

Everybody is talking about writing the first draft. 

Yes, it's scary. But what's even scarier is what comes after.

The advice on the first draft is straightforward: Just spill it out. But what then? – Here come the tiring hours, weeks, and days of clueless reading, rewriting, reading and rewriting again.

But what if you had a solid plan that works for every book? What if you knew the exact steps to take in order to turn your rough draft into a masterpiece? 

Why I have thousands of readers and 4-5 star reviews

With my first novel and free prequel novella, I gained an email list of 1000 readers and sold hundreds of copies in the first months. 

Honestly: I didn't do much to market them. Just a solid website, some participation in giveaways, some social media. No paid ads.

And while you shouldn't underestimate the power of proper marketing, the key to success is first and foremost: a good story.

But it took me two years to finish my first book. 

For over a year, I was stuck in the revision jungle.

This was not a pleasant creative process. I was barely surviving.

And I saw that many authors had the same problem: They just wanted to survive revision.
But maybe there's another way?

I was fed up with procrastination. I wanted to finish this damn novel! And not only finish, but finish boss – as Stephen King writes.

So I set out to create a simple and straightforward process that worked for this book and every book I wrote in the future.

After another year of trial and error with three books, study and optimization, I have created a system that will make your story, you know: boss.


The strategic editing system

In the Strategic Editing System, I'll show you: 

  • How to turn your story into BESTSELLING material
  • The most effective and quick way to get from a first draft to a finished book
  • How to grip your reader from page #1
  • How to turn him or her into a raving fan 
  • How to start loving, mastering and perfecting the revision process

Who is the Strategic Editing System for?

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    First time authors who are just starting out and want to finish their first book in record time
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    Authors who have written several books, but are still looking to optimize their revision process
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    Authors who are not happy with the results their books are delivering and want to write better storys that resonate with readers

What's inside?

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    The Strategic Editing System:
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    7 HD-Videos, explaining the stages step-by-step
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    PDF-worksheets summerizing the most important action steps to take in each editing stage


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    How to write the first pages that grab readers right from the beginning
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    How to make your stories unforgettable
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    How to use style and structure purposefully to serve your story
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    What to look for when editing characters and plot

Is it really worth it?

These are my reviews:

"That's the kind of stories I look for."

"You realize you have been holding your breath for you do not know how long ..."

"Nothing like you think it is going to be, but way way better."

"Such a well written story that gets you from the start."

"This is a page turner that grabs you from the first page."

"It snared me right from the first and held me util the ending."

How did my books generate such results? 

I learned from the best – a handful of mentors whose work I follow constantly, improving my craft every single day. 

I also quickly realized that the quality of my books came down to my revision process.

When plotting and/or writing, it's more of a discovery – we figure out where the story is going and who the characters are, roughly sketching the basics. But your storyteller qualities either flourish or are buried during revision. It all comes down to the process.

You may know everything about storytelling – but if your revision process is messy and confusing, it all will be buried in the mud. It might take you years of practice to figure out the optimal way to edit your books. 

Or you take a shortcut: Apply the Strategic Editing System – where I put together advice from the best, structured it and tested it – and see five-star reviews flying in like a swarm of bees. 


Put an end to insecurities!

Will anybody read my books? Like my stories?

All authors feel this insecurity.

The secret to building a fanbase of readers lies in the revision process.

The first draft can be bad. As ugly as they come. Which is okay.

But the polishing process is what makes or breaks your novel. This is what differentiates bestseller material from books that get 1-3 star reviews. Or no reviews at all, because nobody can even finish them.

Sagging middle? Disappointing ending? 

All these things are fixed in revision and revision only.

You CAN BE good enough – with practice. And I will show you the most effective and time-saving way to polish your writing.

This is no "cheating" short-cut. No easy magic formula. It's a path to work most effectively on your stories. 

Don't believe me? Just try it out:

This is what you get:

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    Introduction + 6 video lessons that explain every editing stage step-by-step
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    Lesson #1: The best method to effectively jumpstart the editing process
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    Lesson #2: The 2 ways of Strategic Editing that are essential to most effectively polish your book and turn it into bestselling material
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    Lesson #3: The ultimate hack to see your work anew 
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    Lesson #4: Why you might not be serious about writing
  • Lesson #5: The sure way to destroy your novel forever
  • Lesson #6: How to know when revision is over and what the heck to do then
  • Downloadable PDF-Worksheets with a summary of the actions-steps to take in each editing stage
  • 1 whole year of premium email support!
  • unlimited access to the system and all the incoming bonus videos

Let's turn your story 
into a masterpiece! 

Happy writing & editing.

Start living your story today!


- author, blogger, filmmaker