The new mini-course:

Produce thousands of words and a multitude of books.

Become a career writer.

 All you need is 15 minutes a day.

There is one powerful tool that will allow you to: 

  • produce thousands of words and a multitude of books
  • never run out of great ideas & fear the blank page
  • let your creative juices flow freely
  • have incredible fun while creating content constantly

    All you need is 15 minutes per day.

    ​​​​Who is this for?

      For the busy people who have a day job, for the mums and dads and everyone who cannot focus on writing full time. 
      For those who want to create a writing habit that lasts and will give you article after article, or book after book.
      For those who want to finally write that book but have no time. 
    • For those who want to blog consistently and produce content consistently.

    That Tool is the Storymasterclass

    Why a habit?

    Because it makes you write automatically, without thinking about it – instead of focusing the energy on fighting the inner demons, finding time to write, thinking about what to write, conquering the blank page – you focus it on creative output! On constant content creation!

    In 8 videos I'll show you 8 steps to a sustainable, unconquerable habit that can withstand the test of everyday life.

    You'll also have videos for daily motivation and hacks for the first few weeks of the habit creation, email support and the exclusive writer's group where you can team up with others and share experiences with writing daily. 

      Step #1: Proven ways to become an amazing content creator: 4 magic steps that are really science
      Step #2: Hemingway's writing routine that has helped others write bestsellers
      Step #3: Stephen King's #1 hack to finishing a book
      Step #4: How mood will never influence your productivity again
    • Step #5: How career authors write extremely fast to overtake the competition
    • Step #6: David Baldacci's most important hack to write for a lifetime
    • Step #7: Create an invincible writing habit plan
    • Step #8: Psychological techniques to never run out of ideas or fear the blank page
    • + daily support videos and facebook group to ask questions and team up in a community!

    Let's do the math:

    15 minutes per day = 650 words

    x 30 = 19.500 words per month

    A 100.000 word book is done in 5 months with only 15 minutes per day!

    If you write for only 30 mins a day, you'll write a book in 3 months!

    For bloggers:

    • 1 article every (other) day!
    (depending on the length of the article)

    In this in-depth course with a total of 15 videos, 8 PDF worksheets and your personal routine template, I will teach you scientific habit background, the routines and hacks of famous authors and why they work, new tools for productivity and much more ...

    Imagine having an automated habit that allows you to focus all of your energy on writing and create amazing content day after day, no matter the circumstances. This is the power of a habit, the power of hacking your brain.

    In 21 days, we will lay the foundation for an invincible writing habit, and both me and the community will support you for the 66 days that it takes to have a rock-solid habit – and beyond!

    Simple. Straightforward. Proven.

    Do you have 15 minutes to spare today?

    Let's get started!


    These techniques helped me overcome my writer's block, create a habit while being a mother and a freelancer, and continue to create constant content – 

    books, blog posts, podcasts and emails!

    Your Story Artist,



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