Strategic Editing

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About this course

Welcome to the Strategic Editing System – the course to turn your rough draft into a masterpiece!

I will lead you through the seven stages of the Strategic Editing process. Those will help you navigate the revision jungle and go from survival mode into 'boss"-mode.

In the bonus material that is changed and added over time, I will discuss topics like research, special things to watch out for in story and beyond when editing, and much more.

Let's turn your story into bestselling material!

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Course Structure

For Story Masterclass Scholars

Welcome to Strategic Editing

This is a short introduction to the main section of the course. Here, I will introduce the course curriculum and provide some basic information. 

Lesson #1 – Break & Colors

What to do after the first draft is finished.

Lesson #2 – Two ways of Strategic Editing

This is the essence of this course: The two ways of Strategic Editing.

Lesson #3 – Paper

The famous printrun – how to do it strategically right from the start.

Lesson #4 – Professional Editing

How can you fully commit to your author career and show that you're serious about your writing?

Lesson #5 – More Eyes

How to work with Beta Readers and the (almost) last stage of Strategic Editing.

Lesson #6 – Letting Go

When and how to know that the revision process is over, and what do to from now on.

For Story Masterclass Scholars
1 Lesson

Bonus: Strategic Questions for Revision

In this module, we will go deeper into things like: first chapter, endings, the individual scenes, character arcs and much more.

#1 – Scene Editing

Get your scenes right in this lesson.