Your Author Journey

Your 4-step plan into the life of your dreams. 


The journey is a simple 4 step plan:  

  1. Go from permission to lifestyle thinking ( Call to Adventure
  2. Master the storytelling craft ( Trials )
  3. Use the craft to attract fans ( Crisis )
  4. Repeat ( Result

I’m here to guide you through every step of the way. 


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The 15-Minute-Writer

This is a mini-course that will change your life!

If you want to 

  • produce thousands of words and a multitude of books
  • never run out of great ideas & fear the blank page
  • let your creative juices flow freely
  • have incredible fun while creating content constantly

    And have at least  15 minutes per day –


Let's get started!


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Strategic Editing

Welcome to the Strategic Editing System – the course to turn your rough draft into a masterpiece!

I will lead you through the seven stages of the Strategic Editing process. Those will help you navigate the revision jungle and go from survival mode into 'boss"-mode.

In the bonus material that is changed and added over time, I will discuss topics like research, special things to watch out for in story and beyond when editing, and much more.

Let's turn your story into bestselling material!

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