Your Author Journey

Your 4-step plan into the life of your dreams. 


The journey is a simple 4 step plan: 

  1. Go from permission to lifestyle thinking (Call to Adventure
  2. Master the storytelling craft (Trials)
  3. Use the craft to attract fans (Crisis)
  4. Repeat (Result

I’m here to guide you through every step of the way. 


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The 15-Minute-Writer

This is a mini-course that will change your life!

If you want to 

  • produce thousands of words and a multitude of books
  • never run out of great ideas & fear the blank page
  • let your creative juices flow freely
  • have incredible fun while creating content constantly

    And have at least 15 minutes per day –


Let's get started!


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Strategic Editing

Welcome to the Strategic Editing System – the course to turn your rough draft into a masterpiece!

I will lead you through the seven stages of the Strategic Editing process. Those will help you navigate the revision jungle and go from survival mode into 'boss"-mode.

In the bonus material that is changed and added over time, I will discuss topics like research, special things to watch out for in story and beyond when editing, and much more.

Let's turn your story into bestselling material!

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