The 15-Minute-Writer

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About this course

This is a mini-course that will change your life!

If you want to 

  • produce thousands of words and a multitude of books
  • never run out of great ideas & fear the blank page
  • let your creative juices flow freely
  • have incredible fun while creating content constantly

    And have at least  15 minutes per day –


Let’s get started!


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Course Structure

For Story Masterclass Scholars
9 Lessons

8 steps to an invincible writing habit

In this main lesson of the 15-Minute-Writer, we will cover everything you need to know and do in order to create a writing habit that will withstand the test of daily life and time.

Introduction to the course

Welcome to the 15-Minute-Writer! In this short introduction, let me get you started and excited about what's to come.

#1 Proven ways to become an amazing content creator: 4 magic steps that are really science

Learn the basics of scientific habit making in order to optimize the process.

#3 Stephen King’s #1 hack to finishing a book

How did Stephen King finish his first novel?

#5 How career authors write extremely fast to overtake the competition

Here's the key to squeezing a lot of words into a tight timeframe.

#6 David Baldacci’s most important hack to write for a lifetime

What you really need to focus on in order to create a writing habit that lasts a lifetime.