Step #1 – How to become a real writer

Lesson 1

“Problem #1: Winners and losers have the same goals.” 
― James Clear, Atomic Habits

A dream can ruin your life.

Regular-Joe and Extraordinary-Pete have the same goal: to live from their writing. So what separates the one from the other? Certainly not their dreams. 

Extraordinary-Pete has understood a principle Regular-Joe has not: 
He has found the extraordinary in the ordinary. 

Let me explain.

I always had the goal to become a film director. But I'm glad I never did. Because when I realized what the principle above meant, I understood that this was not at all what I wanted. 

Achieving a dream can ruin a life. As can waiting for the opportunity to pursue your goal. 

There is only one question you need to ask yourself. 

One that will set you off on the right foot. One that will get you from the Ordinary World into the extraordinary author life. 

This is my Call to Adventure. I'm calling you to step out from the ordinary into the extraordinary by understanding one simple yet powerful principle. 

What is this mysterious question? This principle that changed my life and might change yours if you follow the call? 

I explain everything in the first video.

Challenge #1 
Take three days to answer the question:

What would my ideal Monday look like?

Really meditate on that one. Picture yourself getting up in the morning. How early do you get up? What comes next? How does this day begin and how does it end? What would be your ideal daily life? 

If you can get your mindset from thinking in big leaps and breakthrough moments to daily routines, you’ve succeeded in the challenge. 

Now, think about what your current Monday looks like, and the changes you’d need to make to get to your ideal Monday. 


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